How to order a custom set of doll house miniature dishes, place settings, or other custom miniatures.

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Order My Dinner Set

Order My Dinner Set0
So You want the perfect Dinner Set for you doll house?  You have come to the right place to make it happen.   You can order a dinner set with your choice of designs meticulously hand painted on fine miniature porcelain.

How to get started:  Since you will probably want to think about this for awhile the first thing to do is to register as a customer in the shopping area this will allow you to use the Wish List.  The Wish List will allow you to store things that you like together where you can easily find them.  Any time you log in to the shop you will be able to see your Wish List just like you can view the contents of your shopping cart.

Ok Next just dive in and start browsing the shop.  If you are logged in you will see the 'Add to Wish List'  button on each of the product detail pages.  Since you are interested in dinner sets a good place to start would be by searching the shop for Place Sets.  To do this scroll down until you can see the 'Search the Shop' area on the left side under the categories.  Click on the Type drop down and choose Place Set then click the search button.  This will bring up a page full of various place settings with a variety of designs.  Any of these can be ordered directly by just clicking on the pic and then adding them to the cart.  Or you can drop them in the Wish List to think about.  If you find a pattern that you particularly like you can look for other pieces that I have done with that pattern.  Just go back over to the search area and this time click the Pattern drop down and choose the pattern that you are interested in seeing.  Then click the search button you will see a page full of things that I have done with that pattern.  This does not mean that you are limited to these pieces, however.  I can put most of the patterns on most of the shapes that I have.

If instead you would like to see the variety of shapes that I have you can search by Type and then click the 'White China' box just above the search button before you click the search button.  Then you will get a page full of that type of piece, for example say you want to see the choices for 'Serving Pieces'  just choose Serving Pieces in the Type dropdown click the White China checkbox then click search.  Any of these pieces can be added to your cart or Wish List as well.  Bear in mind that the prices shown in the White China area are for white china not painted china.  If you find the piece you are interested in painted with your chosen design that is the one you would want to save as the price is for a painted piece.  Similar pieces would end up with similar prices.  So if you like one shape of vegetable bowl better than the one that is shown painted you can choose the other shape from the white china area and the price will be similar.

When you have it all sorted out just move the items you want to your shopping cart from the Wish List and check out your order by clicking on the Special Order button.  Then just drop me an email to let me know that you are wanting this all as a dinner set with such and such design.  I will then update it all to reflect the prices of the painted pieces and you will be in the queue for getting them made.  I work on miniatures about 1/3 of the time and I try to work on them in pretty much the order they are received so it will take some time to complete them.  However, you can log in any time and check the 'Order Status' anytime after you have completed the order.  (a link will appear in the top left of the shopping area once you are logged in.)   You can also check on any previous purchases and any Bonus Bucks you may have earned as well as update your profile information.  I will also email you time to time to let you know how I'm progressing with your order.  When it is ready to ship I'll send you a request for the total amount of the order.  If you wish you can send me payments along the way and they will also be shown in your Order Status area so we can both keep track.

If you have any questions or would like to ask 'Can you do something like this' just email me I am happy to discuss it with you.